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Questions regarding proposed MLA restructure

Josie Parker led an informative presentation at the Nov. 30 MALC (Michigan Academic Library Council) membership meeting. The MALC secretary is passing on some questions that have been raised by the membership regarding the proposed MLA reorganization. You may already be aware of these issues. Thanks in advance for listening to the MALC academic library deans / directors and trying to provide us with clarity during this time of transition.

1. What percentage of the MLA membership is comprised of academic librarians?
2. Based on current MLA academic librarian memberships, how many of their respective university/college libraries are also institutional members of MLA?
3. How many MALC members (academic library deans/directors) hold membership in MLA?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed new MLA structure for academic libraries and librarians?
5. How will the new MLA dues fee structure be determined? What is the anticipated impact on academic librarians and libraries?
6. What opportunities will there be for academic librarians to fulfill tenure requirements i.e. publishing, conference/workshop presentations, elected to leadership positions?
7. Communities of Practice (COP’s)

• How will COP’s be structured, organized and funded?
• In the event that an independent organization decides to become a COP will it be required to join MLA?
• If the independent organization has an established institutional membership fee structure, by-laws and website, what happens to these in a COP?
• Can membership be restricted to a particular group within a COP?


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