Academic librarians are happy librarians

I try to stay abreast of what’s going on in the industry by perusing the trade journals, but, like many of my colleagues, I’m sure your daily duties keep you from reading it all. It isn’t until someone physically places something on my desk or, better yet, emails me a link to an interesting article that I actually get around to reading some trade news. This week a coworker emailed me the Library Journal’s (LJ) Academic Newswire for January 31st. It contained LJ’s survey results for academic librarians’ job satisfaction.

My career has taken interesting twists and turns along the way working in large public libraries, small academic libraries, one of the world’s largest corporate libraries, and even in publishing. I do believe after several years of testing the waters I was meant to be in academic libraries. Nothing is more fulfilling to see than students’ light bulbs flicker on when they’ve grasped the concept of this database over that one, they’ve finalized their final research project, or the collective gratitude of a class following a very productive, interactive bibliographic instruction.

I am but one academic librarian. I did not participate in LJ’s survey, but 93.4% of the 1,209 respondents agreed that they were very satisfied, satisfied, or somewhat satisfied with their jobs as academic librarians. I can’t help but think that happy academic librarians make for happy students.

-dana pawloski


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