The Hiring Process

What are the odds that I am both an interviewer and interviewee during the same month?

As an interviewee, it can become quite difficult to suppress both apprehension and raised expectations. Failing to receive a position can play havoc with one’s self-confidence (even if you believe a better-qualified candidate is in the mix). And little can be done to ameliorate this process.

But the view is entirely different sitting on other side of the table. As an interviewer, you’re acutely aware that your final decision will have long-term consequences. So you may find yourself juggling several applicant’s strengths and weaknesses in your mind when decision-time is at hand. Indeed, taking into account each candidate’s experience, personality, maturity (as well as other subjective qualities) can be challenging. And when several qualified applicants put forth serious effort toward the position you may even hate to choose.

An interesting website I found about alternative hiring criteria (in general) can be found here


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