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Web 2.0 and the college crowd… well together, as evidenced by Business Week’s
graph of online users
. Kinda of interesting I suppose how use of social networking sites falls off in the late 20s (a function of marriage?). Not surprised RSS is not as popular as many would suppose it to be (overrated in my estimation).

The DigInit:Digital Initiatives blog has some advice about how the academic library community should look at this data


When learning about Web 2.0 tools.. may want to consider purchasing Meredith Farkas’ new book
Social Software in Libraries: Building Collaboration, Communication, and Community Online .

Amazon’s editorial review notes that “This nuts-and-bolts guide provides librarians with the information and skills necessary to implement the most popular and effective social software technologies: blogs, RSS, wikis, social networking software, screencasting, photo-sharing, podcasting, instant messaging, gaming, and more. Success stories and interviews highlight these tools ease-of-use and tremendous impact.”

At first I thought ‘Social Software’, hmm, is that like SSPS software for survey analysis? Alas it is not, yet the subject is still relevant to academic libraries.

BTW, Farkas runs an excellent blog entitled
Information Wants to Be Free

Now for something completely different…

Chinese pianist Lang Lang plays excellent classical piano with Chinese flavor– here is a sample. His Dragon Songs CD has a very interesting DVD documenting Lang Lang’s popularity within China. The narrator provides interesting commentary/film detailing Western classical music’s popularity among young Chinese as well. 5 stars!

Hope to see everyone at the Library Director’s Summit on August 8th.

Late Exec Committee Notes (July 20) Summary


1) Draft MALC Fall Meeting Survey
A survey will be has been taken to determine the location, date and programming for future MALC meetings. Potential meeting dates are Oct 12, Oct. 19, and Nov. 2. Consideration given to invite representatives from SLA and MAME will be given.

2) MALC Shared Storage Questionnaire
Richard Cochran presented a draft questionnaire to validate if there is sufficient intrest and need to proceed with the planning for a statewide remote storage facilty/facilities. Richard will turn the questionnaire into a survey and prepare a narrative. The survey will include a link to the Shared Storage Facility Taskforce Report. An online survey will also be constructed and sent out.

3) Statewide Initiatives Taskforce Follow-up
Given the economic and funding challenges facing the state of Michigan, this may be an opportune time for the entire library community to engage in a statewide dialogue to discuss additional opportunities for multi-type library collaboration and shared projects / initiatives. The idea for a statewide multi-type library conference was supported by academic library directors/deans who attended the 2006 Spring MALC meeting and led to the creation of the MALC Statewide Initiatives Taskforce. This taskforce identified key themes and issues which could lead to concrete outcomes of benefit to the entire library community.

However, the Executive Committee cannot proceed without the State Librarian’s perspective. Margaret will invite Nancy Robertson to the Sept. 7 Executive Committee Meeting to discuss next steps.

4) Gathering Special Collection Information
The work of defining a special collection, determining the kind of information that would need to be collected, and the process of gathering this information would be best left to a taskforce. Because of her experience in this area, it was suggested that Melinda McMartin, Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist would be a great choice to chair this taskforce. Richard Cochran will talk with Melinda. The Executive Committee will also put out a call to the library directors/deans to nominate individuals to serve on the taskforce. The intent is to complete this work in one year.

5) Gathering Digital Collection Information
With the growth of institutional repositories in Michigan academic libraries, it would be useful to include this information on the MALC website. John Potter has agreed to find out which institutional repositories are up and running, their access policies, and links to the collections. He will share this information with the Taskforce on Special and Digital Collections in Academic Libraries.

6) Gathering and linking to academic library job descriptions, Teach Act, Patriot Act, collection development policy, copyright statements
Tabled until the Sept. 7 meeting. Also documents that would be helpful to add to MALC’s website, i.e. intellectual property policies, disaster plans. The Executive Committee will develop a prioritized list of these documents.

7) Review of MALC 2007/08 Objectives
MALC objectives state that Deans/Directors will contribute the following to the MALC website: library-related press releases, awards received by their library and/or employees, and state-wide, regional, or national library-related offices held by library employees. No information on press releases, awards, or offices held has been received to date. If no one submits content between now and next year, these sections may be pulled from the website. Margaret has entered awards information for UD Mercy and entered MLA awards for the last five years.

8) Other Business: Promotion of Library Directors’ Summit
MALC endorses this opportunity and wants to promote attendance. Margaret will ask the chairs of DIAL-M and MCCL to issue an appeal to their groups to encourage attendance. Margaret will communicate with the membership and suggest that they take the Statewide Initiatives Taskforce Report to the summit.