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A worthy opinion that should be shared by the profession…

by Dorothea Salo regarding the recent NYT article about librarians can be found on her blog here.

Why isn’t this quite obvious yet?

You knew it was coming…

free and wikified books that is at THE OPEN LIBRARY — from this link



Visiting Merit Network in Ann Arbor

Taking advantage of MLA’s TechnoTour, I left for Ann Arbor Friday to visit the Merit Network in Ann Arbor. Merit is advertising itself as..

“..a member-based organization that facilitates collaboration between educational , health care, non-profit, governmental, and research communities, Merit Network connects organizations and builds communities through state-of-the-art networking services and support”

As such, it employs an Internet2 connection for very high-speed (768 Kbps+, up to 4MB) videoconferencing. The MLA tour was attended by about 20 librarians at Merit’s (relatively) new headquarters to see a well-presented demonstration. Merit is highlighting its 24/7 videoconferencing services to professionals who might be interested in distance learning, telemedicine, and collaborative applications.

Those interested in scheduling videoconferencing services should visit here. For more information visit the Video Conferencing Cookbook. For video basics, see this article or this powerpoint display

here in this pdf file

The Freakonomics Blog

If you haven’t read the book, you can at least enjoy the blog.

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