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MALC Exec Committee Meeting SNAPSHOT

We are a lucky bunch! Margaret Auer agree to serve as MALC Executive Committee Chair until next year.

COLD, DIAL-M and MCCL have endoresed the Academic Library Case Statement. Please send any member comments/suggestions to Margaret and she will forward them on to the task chair (Linda Farynk). The final report will go to Gretchen Couraud (MLA President I hope you know).

The Statewide Initiative Task Force Report was accepted by the MALC Exec Committee. It was suggested that MALC could offer some funding support for a future statewide initiatives meeting (as was discussed at MALC spring conference). The Report’s five themes may play a role in helping formulate tangible statewide initiatives.

Very lukewarm interest (not to mention limited need) for an Off site Storage Task Force report. Little enthusiasm at the Executive committee meeting for spending money on a consultant or expensive survey – however, Richard Cochran will draft a 5 question snapshot survey for the membership to validate the level of interest and need.

Finally, the membership will be polled regarding the location, format and programming for the fall MALC meeting. Draft questions about this are being formulated before being sent to the Executive Committee first.

Music Listened to While Typing This: Holst’s The Planets!